About Mansfield Hall

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Dr. LaRoque is the president and founder of Mansfield Hall.

Mansfield Hall is a living and learning community which provides residential, academic, executive functioning, social, and independent living skill support to students who are going to college.

Located in Burlington, VT, Madison, WI, and Eugene, OR, Mansfield Hall students come from around the country in order to be a part of the residential community, which provides a comprehensive and holistic support system to facilitate their transition into college and independence.

In keeping with Dr. LaRoque’s vision for a comprehensive and holistic approach to student growth and development, Mansfield Hall focuses on Four Core Areas of Living, Learning, Giving, and Engaging.

Mansfield Hall serves over 100 students each year, and under Dr. LaRoque’s guidance Mansfield Hall is recognized as both a thought leader and standard bearer in the ongoing effort to provide accessible education to students with diverse social and academic skills.


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