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How to Conquer Virtual Learning during the Coronavirus

With most high schools and colleges commencing the year with some version of online learning, millions of students are faced with a complex learning format, …

Perry LaRoque and Family

Silver Linings: Social Distancing in the Age of Autism

Like you, I’ve been spending most of my day performing two types of tasks, 1) things I would rather not be doing at home and …

Helicopter Parent

Ten Easy Ways to Get Your College Freshman to Move Back Home

Well it’s that time of year again when doting parents have dropped their precious children off for their first year of college. If you are …

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An Open Letter to My Son’s Kindergarten Teacher

Dear Teacher,      As my son was walking through your door for open house the week before he enters your kindergarten class, I had …

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The Problem with the Question​

“Do you think he has Asperger’s Syndrome?” or “In your professional opinion, do you think he is on the spectrum?” or “Do you think it’s …

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Dynamic Determination

You’ve likely heard the concept of self-determination being thrown around at different points throughout your life. Self-determination is your ability to seek your destiny without …

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The Changing Collegiate Landscape for Students with Disabilities: The Need for College Support Programs ​

Early in the history of American schooling, high school was reserved for the brightest students, those who would become our doctors, lawyers, and engineers. As high …

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