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Taking Flight

New Book for Parents & Diverse Learners Helps Prepare & Support Non-Traditional Students To Succeed During College

In “Taking Flight: The Guide to College for Diverse Learners and Non-traditional Students”, Perry LaRoque has coalesced his gifts as an educator, administrator, and psychologist to create a cohesive, well written, and essential guide for any diverse learner (and their parents/support teams) who seeks higher education.

"This book is useful for youth with disabilities, their families, and educators because it teaches them in a practical enlightening way that they can break down these barriers in their own lives."
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Alix Generous
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Taking Flight by Perry LaRoque, Ph.D. is the essential guide to college that provides practical information and strategies for the millions of diverse learners, nontraditional students, and people with disabilities who attend college every year.

The book was written for students who learn differently, have disabilities, or are overwhelmed by the prospects of a complex college landscape, but is also a must-read guide for parents, educators, and support professionals. Currently only 20% of diverse learners who start college will actually graduate. This statistic can change with the right support and requisite knowledge, and Taking Flight is that first step toward graduation.

Through humor, stories, and frank advice, Taking Flight addresses everything an aspiring college student needs to know on their journey through college. The author, Perry LaRoque, Ph, D. is a former college professor, an expert in the field of diverse learning, and founder of Mansfield Hall. Taking Flight provides an insider’s perspective to overcoming the complex college system and the pragmatic skills needed to be successful.

In Taking Flight, Dr. LaRoque discusses important topics crucial to the success of students, such as:

  • Explores the concept of learning and how it relates to the unique college environment
  • Challenges students to focus on their strengths and embrace their differences
  • Unravels college for students and provides strategies for making the system work for them
  • Provides valuable tips, insights, and tactics for achieving success in all aspects of college
  • Empowers students to believe in their ability to be successful in college
  • And so much more …

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Taking Flight Podcast

Taking Flight features conversations with people who are redefining disability by challenging the world we live in. Join me for in-depth conversations with people discussing their lives and how disability has shaped their world with Dr. Temple Grandin, Noah Britton, Sina Bahram, Drew Maxwell, and Kelly Brush. Be sure to subscribe. 

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Perry LaRoque PhD


Dr. Perry LaRoque is the founder and president of Mansfield Hall, an innovative residential college support program for diverse learners. He earned his doctorate in special education from the University of Wisconsin and has served in a variety of leadership roles serving at-risk youth and people with disabilities. Before returning for his doctoral work, Dr. LaRoque worked in an assisted-living care facility for adults with intellectual disabilities and taught special education in several public schools.

Upon returning for his doctoral studies, he continued his service in the field and served as a teacher and mental health specialist in a children’s residential psychiatric program at Meriter Hospital in Madison, WI. Dr. LaRoque is also the co-founder of the College STEPS Program, a non-profit with a mission of providing post-secondary education to students with development disabilities in various locations across the East Coast.

Dr. LaRoque has served as an Adjunct Professor at University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and University of New Hampshire and as an Assistant Professor at the State University of New York at Potsdam. He is published in several major education journals for his work on educating students with disabilities and has presented at numerous national and international conferences.

Dr. LaRoque also served on the Vermont Special Education Advisory Council, which is an appointed position by the Governor. Most recently, he was an Associate Professor and the Special Education Program Director at Johnson State College in Vermont, where he was instrumental in creating the first dual-certification Elementary Education program in Vermont and also started the Think College Program at Johnson State College.

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In “Taking Flight: The Guide to College for Diverse Learners and Non-traditional Students”, Perry LaRoque has coalesced his gifts as an educator, administrator, and psychologist to create a cohesive, well written, and essential guide for any diverse learner (and their parents/support teams) who seeks higher education. He’s taken the knowledge and help we were grateful to find those years ago, and made it accessible to everyone. The pages are filled with sage wisdom and guidance on virtually every aspect of the experience; from choosing the right program to finding and utilizing support and accommodations, to achieving success – both academically and socially. He tells these stories with humor, empathy and honesty and uses a plethora of definitive examples from the mouths and minds of diverse learners who have lived through and experienced where the reader is about to go.
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Jason Katims
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About Mansfield Hall

Dr. LaRoque founded Mansfield Hall in 2013. Mansfield Hall is an innovative college support program and living and learning community for students with disabilities, who with additional individualized support, have the academic potential to be successful in college.

Mansfield Hall’s mission is to build a community that empowers and supports students with diverse learning needs to earn a college degree, develop authentic living skills, and create a meaningful life.

Mansfield Hall is designed to support students with social communication challenges, executive functioning deficits, ADHD, learning disabilities, Asperger’s Syndrome, nonverbal learning disabilities, and mild autism. If you, or your child, would like to learn more about how Mansfield Hall can support diverse learners move toward independence and college success, please review this site and call us to speak to an Admissions Representative.

“Whatever your diverse learning needs, disabilities or potential strengths are, they pale in comparison to the inner drive that is waiting to be tapped that provides you the fortitude to overcome any obstacle that lies in front of you. You must believe that you will fly, you must believe that you were destined to fly, and you need to commit yourself to the pursuit of your flight. You will likely enjoy the view more than others, fly in ways that inspire those who come after you, and share the meaningful flight you create with those around you.”
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Perry LaRoque
Taking Flight

College for Students with Disabilities, Diverse Learners, and their Parents.

Taking Flight is an essential guidebook. It was written for the millions of American families who have children with disabilities, who want to attend college. This engaging and inspiring book is aimed at parents, teachers, high school guidance counselors and their students. Taking Flight is filled with must-have information, advice, insight, and tips for this new generation of moms and dads whose kids were diagnosed with learning disabilities and who are approaching college for the first time. With warmth, empathy, and humor, it answers every conceivable question parents and their students could have.

Perry LaRoque Taking Flight Book Cover
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